Hari Vikas





Masters in Computer Science
College of Computer and Information Science
Northeastern University, Boston

the --force is <strong> with me!

Passionate Programmer
Avid Learner

C# Developer

GMO, Boston
May, 2017 - Present
ASP.NET MVC, Angular 4, SignalR, Bootstrap v4, Qlik Sense BI

Research Assistant

CCIS, NEU, Boston
Nov, 2016 - Apr, 2017
AngularJs, Parse, LimeJs

SharePoint Developer

TCS, Bangalore, India
Aug, 2013 - Jul, 2016
SharePoint, C#.NET, ASP.NET


#JS #D3 #Chart
A D3 based interactive 'chord-diagram-like' chart with all the bells and whistles

Qlik - Isolated

#JS #Anuglar Js #Qlik Sense
Created a helper library for the BI tool Qlik Sense that can load Qlik Sense's qlik.js in a isolated non-conflicting way and embed Qlik Sense objects into a web page. Also created a respective angular counterpart


#Angular5 #Js
Online markdown editor for creating awesome README.md files. Rich, fully equiped, live preiview interface with options to download, save online or commit directly to git

SharePoint Migration Accelerator

#SharePoint C#.NET
Developed a windows application that migrates content from SharePoint 2007 and 2010 to SharePoint Online.